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Sew Into Recycling

29 Jan

If you love that old sweatshirt but it’s too small I have just the project for you! Turn it into a washable Stadium Seat Cushion. How about those old cargo pants and t-shirt your son outgrew? Why not make a messenger bag! No need to toss out those old clothes when you can get creative with them and give them a new life! There’s lots of ideas floating around on the web to reuse those old clothes and create something new! Check out my projects! What have you recycled that you SEW love again??

Sew Today

28 Jan

It seems to be a younger generation of people picking up “old-fashioned” projects such as sewing, canning and gardening that their baby-boom mothers and grandmothers had so eagerly given up. Could it be curiosity? Better control of what we’re eating? Being more careful of how we’re spending our money?? From TV shows to social media, there’s a million ways to learn “how-to”. Whatever the reason, it’s definitely SEW TODAY to DIY!

There’s a huge opportunity out there to learn and teach new sewing ideas. I’m always on the look out for new sewing ideas and suggestions so if you have sewing projects that you’d like to share – I’d like to hear about them!


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