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Sew Savings

3 Dec

When I first stepped into the fabric store after getting my sewing machine I was surprised to see how expensive fabric and all the notions can be! So I did a little research, chatted with some friends and spoke to some very helpful employees at a local fabric store and found it really doesn’t have to be expensive to sew! Save money by signing up for fabric store mailers and sign up online to receive store emails – before you know it you’ll get coupons in the mail and right to your inbox! I’ve even found my Entertainment Book had coupons for fabric stores in my area. Some stores like JoAnn Fabrics allow more than one coupon per purchase too, but be sure read the restrictions on coupons for details. Another money saving idea is to visit your local thrift store…purchasing some used curtains made with pretty fabric for a dollar will make creating your next project just that much more rewarding! And don’t throw away that old sweatshirt or t-shirt with your favorite team logo! You can find free patterns online to transform them into stadium seat cushions or tote bags and you can even create really cute Jean Purses with those old jeans your daughter has outgrown!

What money saving ideas make you Sew Giddy?

Sew Convenience Is Key

2 Dec

When I was a kid I remember my mom spending a lot of time preparing to sew a project by having to dig her sewing machine out of her closet, lug it to the dining room table and get her sewing supplies laid out, then make time to pack it all up so it wasn’t in the way – only to repeat it all again the next time she wanted to sew. NOT very fact, kind of a hassle! Lots of time setting up and packing up takes time away from the project and takes the GIDDY out of your enthusiasm! As a busy mom I know there’s no time for hassles like that – I just won’t do it. One of the things I found helpful was to set up a sewing “station”. Time is always an issue so convenience is key! By setting up this little area where I can leave my sewing machine and unfinished projects out, I can work on them when I have some time, even if it’s just 30 minutes!  If you’re worried about how it looks (which was certainly my mom’s concern) then keep it organized and clean up as you go.  You really don’t need a lot of room and having your tools ready and waiting for you will make all the difference in your motivation to keep sewing and enjoying it!


2 Dec

Giddy Giddy Giddy!!!

I’m Sew Giddy about my new-found love of SEWING! I was reading blogs and seeing projects created by bloggers and decided to read through some free sewing patterns online when it finally hit me! Hey, I think I can totally do this! Until recently, I thought sewing was a talent, like drawing or singing and that someone like me would find it only to be a lot of stressful work but guess what?? ANYONE can sew! Don’t get me wrong, I know there are those who can sew more amazingly then a novice like me, but my point is that more people should try it! Just a little research and patience and whoala! your very own creation! There’s a bit of a learning curve at first to understand the lingo, get to know my sewing machine and find my way around a fabric store – but it’s absolutely a past time I enjoy and look forward to. I find it therapeutic and rewarding when I see the things I can make with my very own hands and the idea that there are no boundaries on what one can create excites me!

What are you Sew Giddy about?

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